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Transmission occurs mainly through respiratory droplets generated through coughing and sneezing, and through contact with contaminated surfaces. People are not infectious until the onset of symptoms and how infectious they are is proportionate to the severity of their symptoms. Coronaviruses can survive for 5 days on inanimate objects, depending on temperature, humidity and surface type. Coronavirus is twice as infectious as seasonal flu.
Prevention should be based on restricting access for people with symptoms, maintaining separation in distance (over 1m) and time, washing/rinsing hands with soap and cleaning surfaces. So we have:-
1. Suspended all club tournaments, learn-to-play, taster sessions, coaching and Social Sundays.
2. Prepared the lawns for members to come and play when they want to.
3. Asked members to pay their 2020 subs to support the club as all other income streams will be lost.
We then ask members who continue to play:-
1. Not to attend if they have a high temperature or a new continuous cough.
2. To stay at least 1m apart when playing
3. Not to shake hands at the end of a game.
4. Wash their hands regularly (with soap provided)
5. Clean surfaces (use the household spray and cloths provided)
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