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Leicester Croquet Club
Leicester Croquet Club

Court Schedule

Day Time Left Lawn Right Lawn
Monday Evening (6.00pm) GC Team Training Golf (Full Size)
Tuesday Evening (6.00pm) Bowls *  
Wednesday Morning (10.00am)   U3A **
  Evening (6.00pm) Association (Full Size) Association (Full Size)
Thursday Afternoon (2.00pm) Bowls *  
  Evening (6.00pm)  

Golf  (Any Size)

Saturday Afternoon (2.00pm) Bowls * Golf (Full Size)
Sunday Afternoon (2.00pm) Golf (Full Size) Golf (Half Size)


* Depending on home or away fixtures

** U3A plays on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month (so 22 April, 13/27 May, 10/24 June, 8/22 July, 12/26 August, 9/23 September 2020).



Please note that if the event has a RED marker, then all the courts are being used and there is NO club play at these times.


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